Meet Tante Urban.
For Mayor 2020.
Hawaii County.
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Some of you know me – as the owner of Tante’s Restaurant, cooking Filipino and local food, a tennis player, a basketball tournament organizer, a scholarship and school athletic supporter, a golf tournament host, and as your neighbor or friend.

I am applying for the Mayor’s position for Hawaii County because I want to give our people a choice of a new beginning. New Leadership that will look at things in a different perspective with a different approach, from a business and outsider’s point of view. I am here because I love Hawaii, I love our people, and I am ready to work for YOU and OUR PEOPLE…
Why You Should Vote..
Life Story
I was born and raised in the Philippines. Kona has been my home for the last 50 years. I am a Naturalized American Citizen.
Community Service
I will not receive my salary. My salary will be donated to non-profit 0rganizations through a process determined by a Board of non profit presidents.
My Vision
I want to give our people a choice—a choice for a new beginning; a choice of a new leadership—a leadership that will look at things from a different perspective.
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My mayoral campaign is driven solely by my passion to serve and to give back to our community. I am humbled by your interest to contribute financially to my campaign, but I will not accept checks and donations.

My self-funded campaign only requests for one thing: Vote Tante Urban for Mayor.

My Vision & Platform

I Am Ready to Work For Our People
Be ready for change.