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My Vision and Platform
Get to know my vision and plan
16-Point Vision Board
1. Efficient government: Response to constituent inquiries within 48 hours
2. Community-first and community-based programs: Investing in parks and infrastructure
3. Pro-growth economic development: Programs to help families and businesses thrive. Bringing Made in the Big Island Festival and County night markets
4. More housing: Collaborate with County Council in the creation of housing fund; Support for “ohana” type housing
5. 90-day permit process: Restructure of staff to create a Permit Liaison position
6. Working with what we have: No tax increases
7. Fight crime: Strong campaign against illegal drugs
8. Prioritizing the budget: Determining district fair share
9. Respect for kupuna: Senior discount: 20% off on retail purchases and dedicated senior lane
10. Support for the tech industry: Hawaii County as new Silicon Valley of the Pacific
11. Instill a love for parks: Adopt a County park program
12. Environmental protection: Strong campaign to support Recycling
13. Disaster relief fund: Creation of an independent commission on disaster recovery
14. Transparency and reach: Quarterly public meetings
15. Hiring our own: Creation of “On the Job Training Program” with the County
16. Serving without restrictions: Will not take a salary as mayor
Progress Through Good Governance
• Govern with fiscal responsibility.
• Govern equally—equal representation, equal progress for all.
I will not receive my salary. My salary will be donated
to nonprofit organizations through a process determined by a board of nonprofit presidents.
Two Percent (2%) Land Fund
I will keep and maintain the full intent of the original draft amendment of the 2% Land Fund.
Affordable Housing
• Expedite existing plan already in place.
• I will work with the County Council to introduce legislation to allocate a one percent (1%) Workforce Housing Fund.
• Offer tax credits/subsidies to encourage developers to invest in affordable housing. Less regulations— less cost of construction.
• I will work with the County Council to reduce regulations and make it easier for our people to apply and get approval for “OHANA HOUSING” to accommodate large and extended families.
• Partner with HUD, State and Real Estate investors to build affordable housing.
• Create walkable community—“Home-To-Work Program.” Inform property owners of the possibility of increasing density to a walkable community.
• New development must be concurrent with proper infrastructure and public parks.
No Tax Increase
• Control and reduce spending without sacrificing quality of service.
• Control waste, procurement and overtime wages.
• Hire on-call or casual workers to reduce or eliminate overtime wages.
• Balance the budget on existing revenue.
• Set priorities starting with public safety, law & order, health & welfare, public services, economic security.
• Hiring freeze.
• Department quarterly audits making sure it is in line with budget forecast.
We will expedite projects to avoid delays and cost overruns
• For example, the sewer project on Hamburger Hill behind McDonald’s took years to get started. The cost went up in comparison with the original bid.
• Who pays for the increase? We—the taxpayers.
Create a Disaster Relief Fund / “Rainy Day Fund”
• This fund is for emergency use only.
• I will appoint an independent commission to oversee and determine the dispensation of the fund.
Community Meeting / Talk Stories
• We will schedule quarterly community meetings throughout the nine districts of the Big Island, to talk about issues, concerns and solutions.
• I will form an “Action Commission” to research and work on issues, concerns and find solutions.
• The “Action Commission” will report directly to the Mayor.
Maunakea (TMT Project)
• I support the study of astronomy. It is good for our next generation—our keiki .
• While I support the study of astronomy, we must be mindful of our host culture—we must be sensitive toward their religious beliefs and cultural practices.
• Laws that are already in place must govern.
• “Talk Story” among the leadership to find common ground.
Workforce Shortage
• Will collaborate with the State on job training program.
• Will collaborate with the school Juniors and Seniors to do “On-The-Job Training Program.”
Economic Security
• Invest in our community; put our people to work by improving infrastructure, roads and beaches.
• Promote “Sports Tourism” i.e. fishing tournaments, sports activities, that will host neighbor island, national and international athletes.
• Encourage and assist small business formation. i.e. diversified farming, Service and Retail.
• Encourage and promote “Made In Hawai‘i” products—”Buy Local, Support Local.”
Senior Services and Activities
• I will advocate with the State for a 20% seniors discount on retail purchases as well as designate senior citizen line on every business transaction.
• We will continue existing services; will improve and add more services.
• We will fix our roads, resurface, fill potholes and shoulders, and at the same time provide jobs for our people.
Improve our Parks
• Partner with the community and local organizations to form an “Adopt A Park Program.”
• Create a “Multi-Cultural Park” in partnership with community and local organizations.
• Constant maintenance and beautification of our parks.
• Expedite existing plans already in place.
• Designate certain area/parcels to “hang out” or “camp out” to get them off the streets.
• I will work with the County Council to establish a loitering law.
• Collect and sweep pushcarts that belong to supermarkets.
• Collaborate with the community and nonprofit organizations to provide job training programs.
• Support treatment and counseling centers.
Illegal Drugs
• Illegal drugs affect our “Ohana”, our schools and our children. Crime and
Homelessness rises. Most social issues are illegal drug related.
• We have to be vigorous and aggressive in our fight against illegal drug by
enhancing enforcement and intensifying our crusade against illegal drugs.
• Support Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment centers.
• Support structured Clean and Sober Living facilities.
Building Permit Process
• Restructure existing manpower to appoint a position to keep track of outstanding and unfinished plans and be the liaison between the County and applicant. This position is responsible for looking into any reasons for delay and communicating it to the applicant.
• Application for building permit must not exceed 90 days. My building permit took over two (2) years to get approved.
• Encourage, support and assist the formation of small farmers for sustainability.
• Offer Incentives and tax credits to new start up farmers.
• Encourage and support diversified farming, poultry farms, piggery farms, hydroponics and aquaponics.
• We must continue and encourage recycling—have it start at home.
• We have to explore new technologies—trash to energy. Waste reduction and sustainable action plan.
• Any existing Law regarding integrated solid waste management must be followed.
Renewable Energy
• We live in a State with an abundance of sunlight. Solar energy is the way to go.
• Bring more awareness and promote existing solar tax incentives and tax credits.
Open Door Policy
• In my administration, I will implement an “Open Door Policy” to all County offices, including the executive’s office, director’s office, and department heads.
• In my administration, all inquiries and comments will be responded to within 48 hours.
• As Mayor, I will consult with all departments and line workers to find ways to improve customer service.
Together We Rise

  • Empowering our people to make a difference in the community through education, cooperation and community involvement.